How did Havil come about?

The watch is divided into 4 broad categories;

The high-end luxury 

The mechanical/automatic 

Digital watch

Fashion watch 


After doing extensive research for about a year, we found that under SGD$1,000, it is very difficult to find a good mix of both beautiful yet elegant style of ladies fashion watch.

This is why Havil watch was first founded by Mr Tai Winston.

To offer quality, beautiful design at affordable prices from $150 to $400, Havil Pte Ltd was founded near the end of 2016, and officially started  operations in 2017.

With our prior experience in watch designing, we set out to create a collection that was inspired by high-end watch designs, yet making it affordable for watch lovers.


A watch that is attractive, classy and durable.


Our watch collections mainly features our singapore's National flower, Vanda Ms. Joaquim

Conceived, designed and developed in Singapore, being marketed and available worldwide.

“Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Vanda Ms Joaquim is not just a symbol of Singapore.


Here in Havil, we have made it into a beautiful art form, and a representation of the integrity and strength of Singapore.


Havil seeks to create nice designs that are desirable, with quality comparable to some big expensive brands, and to offer beautiful watches, of premium quality, at a lower affordable price for the masses.


 To complement the Vanda Ms. Joaquim series, we have a simplified range for the classy ladies who prefer the simple, clean and classic style.


Another specialty of our watches that we have implemented would be the availability to a range of different straps, allowing our clients to mix and match their desired style of strap with their preferred watch base design to match their style of the day!


The watch straps includes a quick release mechanism on them enabling ease of style change, no tools required. 

Changing style according to your fancy has never been more easy!

Our Story

The Founder

Mr. Winston Tai, has a wealth of experience as he has been in the watch and jewellery industry for 40 years. He designed and created a successful watch brand, Cezanne, that have agents in seven countries. The company was later sold to an investment company, and was given a huge sum as goodwill.


He also created another watch brand, Moratti, which was sold through a premier watch company, Hour Glass, for quite some time until the company was also bought by another investment company from Malaysia. To be selected by Hour Glass, and having our products displayed on the front showcase, was a testament to our product design and quality.


The creative passion of Mr. Winston Tai did not stop there. He continued to invest time in creative jewelry design and always keeping up with the current trend in the watch and jewelry industry. The culture of Total Commitment, Total Knowledge and Total Honesty.

Total commitment . Total knowledge . Total honesty

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Head office:  (+65) 6338 5702

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